The kinfo PRO version enables advanced reporting & analytics to deep dive and understand what contributes to wins & losses.


The kinfo platform has been completely free for quite some time. This has been a longer than expected evaluation period in a number of areas. 

Over the years the platform and apps have gone through a lot of changes and a few complete overhauls to change features, interface/UI and underlying technology.

The first version of kinfo didn´t even have a mobile app and was more focused on tracking long-term investments. Gradually the focus has shifted to add features to the mobile app and also focus on metrics and stats related to active day-trading.

With every shift, there has been an increase in both activity on the platform and positive feedback received from users.

One area that has proven much more difficult than expected is the broker integration. Since this has been the heart of the platform, I have felt that it would be hard to charge for a service with quality issues in this area.

Broker integration is still a top-priority area and there are a number of things left, though the improvement that has been made over the last year with direct integrations has worked out very well.

Releasing a PRO tier has always been the plan to make the platform sustainable, it has mostly been a matter of timing & quality.

I now feel the timing for this big change is right and it´s also a necessary change to make the platform sustainable as it grows.

Kinfo is self-funded by me and while there are other ways to monetize, a paid PRO version is what I have always believed in. It makes you as a paid user a customer on the platform, the interface will not be bloated with ads and you are not the product being sold as in other less ethical business models.

The PRO version

In this first release, some features in the web app will move into the PRO tier.

The main features affected are the advanced reports, trades view and the ability to export plus a few other features on the web version. A full comparison table can be viewed while logged in to the web version.

Even though the mobile app and the simple portfolio tracking are the most popular features, these advanced features are what actually provides most value to you as a trader.

By using these tools, you will get a better understanding on what contributes to your wins and losses and you can take action to improve as a trader.

To purchase a PRO subscription, navigate to Settings -> Subscriptions on the web version.


Points & Rewards – Get the PRO for free

If you want the PRO version for free, you can!

A new Points & Rewards system is now available to give anyone the ability to get PRO for free by helping kinfo grow. 

All users are provided with a unique link to share. When another user signs up via your link, you will earn points. Points can then be converted into free use of the PRO version.

Read more about Points & Rewards

points free

Consider supporting

A lot of users have reached out to me with positive feedback. People love the simplicity and the ease of use in the mobile app. I also get positive feedback about the mere existence of a tool that brings tracking & transparency to the trading industry.

With the amount of scams that exists in the market, there is a great need for platforms and tools that can help beginner traders navigate through this difficult landscape.

As of now the PRO features mainly exists in the web version and the app remains free.

Since kinfo is a self-funded project, I appreciate any support I can get. If you mainly use the app but want to contribute added transparency to the trading industry and the continued growth and development of kinfo, please consider purchasing a subscription.

If you do so, please let me know!

What´s next

This is just a first step separating the free version of kinfo from the PRO version.

Going forward I will continue to focus on improving the platform, broker integration and adding features based on user feedback.

I love getting feedback from users so if you have anything to say, positive, negative or ideas around how I can make kinfo better, please reach out to me.

The best place to reach me is the kinfo discord channel.

Connect here: Kinfo Discord

You can use the comment section below or send an email to karl [at] kinfo.com

Good luck with your trading!

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