General Information

Kinfo is great for any active trader who wish to track performance in a meaningful way and get insight into how some of the best traders achieve success.

Independent if you are a day trader, swing trader or execute trades a few times per year you will have use of the platform.

Kinfo is an app & web app which tracks your trading performance by calculating measurable trading metrics from your portfolio. Additionally kinfo lets you view portfolios of top traders with proven success.

No, the connection to brokers are read-only and can only be used to read data such as transactions & holdings.

Yes, kinfo has a FREE version and a paid PRO tier

The FREE version has all the basic features to start tracking your trading performance.

The PRO tier provides additional features for journaling, reporting, analytics and additional social features

No, kinfo is a broker independent platform & app which integrates with all US brokers.

Signing up

You can sign up without a brokerage account, however, in order to make full use of the platform and track you trading performance you need to link a supported US broker

Kinfo suppots most popular US brokers used by day traders, for a complete view, see the list in the app or Linking Your Broker

Yes, when you sign up you are asked to enter your name, email and a nickname, additionally, you can upload a profile picture. 

Only your nickname and your profile picture are shown if you decide to share any of your portfolio data.

Since you can input whatever you want as your nickname and upload any picture as your profile you can still share your portfolio and be anonymous.
Your are asked to enter your first & last name during signup but there is no requirements & checks to what you enter

No, sharing your portfolio is completely optional. You can choose between

  • Don´t share anything
  • Share only percentages
  • Share percentages and profit metrics

Using kinfo

Kinfo currently supports all publicly traded equities and futures which include

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Mutual funds
  • Options
  • Futures contracts

Kinfo does not support forex

No, kinfo doesn´t support or encourage copy trading

Performance is based on closed out trades. A closed out trade may consist of a buy and a sell transaction or multiple buy & sell transactions. When you exit your position (sell your last position), a trade will be recorded with performance data such as:

  • If it was a winning trade
  • The gain in dollar amounts
  • The gain in percent

Profit is calculated as the cumulative profit from closed out trades.

No, the integration with the broker will calculate performance based on all transactions.

Furthermore, this means that no performance data can ever be faked.

Read more about why trades are 100% verified.

A kinfluencer is a trader with consistent proven and verified success records who also provides educational services around trading. Read more about kinfluencers

If you meet the requirements of a consistent and verified track record of success and you provide educational services around trading,  you can apply to become a kinfluencer. please send an email to karl@kinfo.com with some information about yourself.

Performance is measured by different time-periods. Each star represents a time period of 30, 90 and 365 days. A portfolio with 3 stars has proven to be profitable the last month, last 3 months and the last year.

The sync runs daily at 05:00 AM Eastern time (US) and will capture all trades from the previous day.

Due to amount of data, PRO users have priority sync and will be done by 6-7 AM, FREE accounts are usually synced and done 9-noon.

Security & Privacy

No, if you share profit in dollar amount, kinfo will only show profit based on closed out trades.

No, when you link with your broker kinfo will calculate performance based on all accounts and show performance combines as a portfolio.

Kinfo has direct integration to a number of brokers and clearing firms.

Direct integrated broker either uses Oauth to provide a three-legged authentication process between the broker and kinfo, or it uses less sensitive credentials that can only be used to read data, this is the case when linking via clearing firms.

You can read more about the process under the guide for each broker.

Yes, since kinfo uses tokens and best practice security standards to authenticate and communicate with your broker you can see it as safe.

Noteworthy details are:

  • Credentials never pass kinfo and can´t be seen or stored
  • The connection is read-only and can´t change or execute trades on your account
  • All communication are encrypted with bank-level encryption certificates

Please send an email to support@kinfo.com

In the signup process, it is not a requirement to put your real name in first & last name, the email can also be any email address and obfuscated from the persons real name.
To be fully transparent, there are still cases when a users real name will be known kinfo staff.

Kinfo is a Swedish company governed by Swedish & EU law which are very strict when it comes to protecting users privacy and integrity, apart from terms and privacy policy, these rights are protected by GDPR which prevents any company in the EU from collecting and using personally identifiable information information in a way that is not disclosed without users consent.

About kinfo

Kinfo has a paid PRO tier which users can subscribe to

HQ is in Stockholm even though the target market for kinfo is US only.

Still have questions?

We have tried to answer the most common question in the FAQ above. If you still have any questions you are always welcome to send us an email at support (at) kinfo.com