Tagging & Calendar View Updates to the Trading Journal

The kinfo app is improved with custom tags on trades which allows better analysis and follow up on trade performance using the trading journal. The trading journal is also extended with a calendar view with drill down on each trading day.

User feedback drives new features

Since I implemented the new version of the trading journal we have received a lot of positive feedback. It has proven to be a valuable tool for traders to get a holistic view and comparable performance month-by-month.

Along with the feedback I also received requests to add additional features and functionality to the trading journal. The requests differ a lot based on personal preference but there are always some features that get requested from multiple users. 

When the same feature is requested from multiple users I will add it to the road-map and implement it. This is how kinfo evolves and how the platform will continuously add more value to most traders.


Trading journal calendar view

One such feature is the calendar view. 

With the new calendar view, you have a third option to view your trades in the journal.

  • Monthly
  • Daily 
  • Calendar
phone calendar

The calendar view will show you an overview of a full calendar month with color coding on whether the day was profitable or not.

Each day also has information about number of trades and how much profit/loss was generated on that particular day

Tapping on a day will navigate to a screen showing all trades for that day.


When analyzing what makes your trading profitable or losing money you need to have some kind of structure in place to identify patterns in you own behavior.

Tagging is a great way to achieve this since you can reuse the same tag on multiple trades and later follow up how trades related to that tag has performed.

With custom naming and color coding it´s possible to get a very good overview of things to follow up on.

phone tags1

Adding tags to trades

Adding tags is super easy, tap on tags and just check the tags you want to apply to the trade, or tap again to uncheck

Tap the + in the navigation bar to add  new tag

phone tesg2

Adding new tags

Type a name and select a color, hit save, done!

phone tags3

Following up tags performance

Under the monthly journal statistics view, you can now see how trades related to each tag has performed for that month.

phone tags4

How to best use tags

As said in the beginning, tags can be used in various different ways follow up and improve your trading strategy. Some common use cases are:

  • Tags for entry strategies
  • Tags for exit strategies
  • Tags for trading certain patterns
  • Tags for identifying emotional states
The ways to use tags are only limited by your own creativity on how to best follow up your result. 

What´s next

Tagging and calendar view is deployed to the apps at the moment, next step is to get these features available on the web version as well.

Going forward I will continue to focus on improving the journal and the ability to use kinfo to analyze and follow up trading performance in various ways.

I love getting feedback from users so if you have anything to say, positive, negative or ideas around how I can make kinfo better, please reach out to me.

The best place to reach me is the kinfo discord channel.

Connect here: Kinfo Discord

You can use the comment section below or email on karl [at] kinfo.com

Good luck with your trading!

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