Analyze Intraday trades from TradeZero

With the TradeZero integration up and running we have added some new feature to better track day-trading performance. TradeZero users can now track individual trades by viewing entries and exits on intraday charts.

TradeZero integration

Last week we integrated TradeZero with kinfo which enables TradeZero users to track their trading performance in the kinfo apps on both web and mobile.

As with all new things, the integration required a few patches during the week but seems like it´s working ok as of this week.

From what I can see so far, TradeZero users seem very active, almost exclusively day traders who place multiple trades per day at a high frequency.

The integration to most brokers only support date as timestamp, TradeZero on the other hand, provides full date and time down to the second. This is great news for TradeZero users since enables kinfo to track and visualize day trading in  much better way.

Intraday charts

To help day traders track performance, I have implemented intraday charts for trades that open and close on the same day. The charts will also display overlay of entries and exists for the trade.


In the trades view, you can click on the trade to expand it to see the intraday with entries and exists.

Keep track of fees

If you day trade, fees can easily eat up profits. To help you understand how much you pay in fees for each trade, this is now visible on a separate row when you expand the trade. There may be cases where you think you closed out positive but actually pay more in fees than what you gained on the trade.
See this example below, a trade that close out with a positive gain of 2.81% but a net negative after fees.


Whats next?

I will be looking at adding more features around journaling and especially to help day-traders view and analyze performance.

Do you have something in mind that you would like to see? Comment below or send me an email karl [at] kinfo.com

Using TradeZero with kinfo

In order to enable integration to kinfo, you will need to enable integration in your TradeZero portal.

Follow the step-by-step guide Linking TradeZero to start tracking your trading performance on kinfo.

To learn more about TradeZero visit
us.tradezero.co (US)
tradezero.co (Non-US)

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