Achievements to track your trading progress

Achievements give kinfo users an easy and fun way to keep track of basic trading performance metrics on a month-to-month basis

What are achievements?

Achievements originate from the world of gaming where they occur in different forms like badges and trophies which you earn from completing various tasks in the game. 

Most games have a linear progress or story-line which the player follows in order to beat the game. 

The goal is of course to progress in that story, but in many games you get a much better experience from exploring sidetracks and not rushing through the story. Achievements will often reward the player for exploring the game more and in the end, provide the player with a better experience.

Since games have become more complex, you often have to learn various mechanics of the game in order to beat it. Achievements play a vital role here since it will reward the player from putting in the work required to beat it.

Game developers have long since understood that achievements are a very positive addition to the gaming experience.

Once achievements became standard in computer games, various other businesses picked -up and applied the same methodology to things completely different from computer games.

For certain business categories achievements have almost become standard. Traing & Fitness apps and social networking platforms, even AirBNB uses badges which is sort of achievement.


Steam, one of the worlds largest gaming platforms uses achievements for every single game

How does this apply to trading?

The journey to be a consistently profitable trader is neither a walk in the park or a straight forward road to success.
There is work to be done, mistakes to be made and disasters to overcome. In fact most professional traders refer to the mental challenges as the absolute hardest.

Looking at pure profit is of course the ultimate way of tracking success, but it´s not the best number to look at and analyze for self-improvement.

This is where the kinfo app helps you, by showing graspable and easy to understand underlying performance metrics.

Do you win more trades than you lose? Look at your winning trades %.

If you currently have this number below 50%, you need to make more profit on your wins than you lose on your losing trades.

Or you need to increase this number ta afford to have both winning and losing trades in your strategy.

But do you make more on your wins than your losses? Look at your average gain in % and your average gain in dollar amounts.

Understanding these metrics and understanding where you need to improve is key to becoming successful. 


An example of a healthy portfolio with a high winning trades % and a positive average gain

Kinfo already encourages you to explore and analyze these underlying performance metrics to understand what you need to improve.

So I thought? Why not turn this into achievements, and connect this to reaching relevant levels of these basic trading metrics.

This is what I cam up with…

Trading related achievements on kinfo

Since trading strategies are different from person to person, these had to be very general and basic to apply to as many as possible.

Achievements are tracked on a month-to-month basis. Consistency is key right? 

There are currently 5 achievements you can get and they are all related to these underlying performance metrics.



Available achievements

Perform 5 trades

Achieve over 55% winning trades

Perform 3 profitable trades

Achieve over 2% average gain per trade

Perform 3 winning trades in a row

What´s next?

Achievements are available in the mobile apps right now, it will be added to the web version shortly.

I get more and more requests for features related to tracking your own trading performance. There is definitely more to come in this area.

On the roadmap is a page or screen with more detailed trading statistics, for example breaking down gains and losses to better understand what make you win and what makes you lose money.

All new features are based on user feedback so if you would like to see something added, let me know! You can use the comment section below or email on karl [at] kinfo.com

Good luck with your trading!

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