Day trading journal & detailed trade information

Kinfo continues to add features for day traders, among the latest we have an improved day trading journal and a better overview of each trade including fees.

Better tracking for active traders

For those who have been on the platform a while you have seen kinfo gradually transform focus from buy-and-hold long term investing to focus on active traders who practice day & swing trading.

The most drastic change has been how trading metrics are calculated which is now focus on standard performance metrics for active traders

  • Your profit
  • Your average gain per trade
  • Your winning trades percent

These metrics are basic but very relevant to measure if you are a successful trader.

There is no fixed goal that applies to all traders since everyone’s strategy is different. Some traders make small gains on many trades and some make big wins on a few.

Though, as a rule of thumb if you are a beginner. You should at least aim for

  • A positive average gain per trade
  • A winning trades percent above 50%
  • Maintain and improve these numbers consistently over several months

Up until now you have been able to view these numbers and break them down per month in the journal.

An improved trading journal for day traders

I have added a new view to the trading journal which shows daily performance and the underlying trades which made up to the profit or loss.

TradeZero users will get the most out of this since the integration with TradeZero support real timestamps.

For each trade you will see for how long you were in the position and how many transactions you performed.

As before, these trades can be expanded to view the underlying transactions and a chart for the stock. Charts for options is still not available but something I am working on, stay tuned!



Day trading journal

In the journal you can easily switch between the daily & monthly view.

The daily journal shows your profit/loss per day.

More detailed trade information

I have seen quite a few traders who trade small amounts and still don´t make profit despite making quite good trades. One of the reasons for this is that fees eat up the profit.

asset 27

The trade view has been improved to show fees and net gain.

When expanding a trade you will now see in detail

  • Number of shares per trade
  • Gain before fees
  • Fees
  • Net gain
These numbers will only be shown for your own portfolio or if you opted in to share dollar amounts.

What´s next

I get quite a few requests to add social features like commenting and following. These features has been available before but was removed when the I chnaged the platform to be focused on active trading.

The plan has always been to re-add these features so you can expect this to be available shortly.

All new features are based on user feedback so if you would like to see something added, let me know! You can use the comment section below or email on karl [at] kinfo.com

Good luck with your trading!

2 thoughts on “Day trading journal & detailed trade information”

  1. Being able to see our trades is an outstanding feature and I love how you guys have it. However I think it would be better if the entries and exists where shown by chart arrows as it looked like you had before, as well as not showing the entry and exit prices on the chart itself. The entries and exits a literally right below anyways and it can be hard to view the accurate details of the charts with this info interfering. While the arrows (or red and green dots ect..) will let us better analyze the details of our trade. Thanks for listening.


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