A Kinfluencer is a trader who provides trading related educational services. A Kinfluencer stands out because they can show a proven track record of success.

Who is the internets best teacher?

If you browse the internet you will quickly notice that everyone pretends to be the best teacher there is. However there are very few who can provide meaningful and verified proof of success in the area they are teaching about.

This applies to many areas, but especially to trading where most providers of education aren´t really traders, but people who found a way to market scams.

How does Kinfo help?

Using Kinfo, traders share their performance through direct integration with the broker. There is no way for a trader to fake the results shown in Kinfo and the numbers are always up-to-date and real.

Kinfo acts as an independent resource to verify the performance of traders. This means you can be sure that verified Kinfluencers are 100% transparent with their results.