A Kinfluencer is a trader who provides trading related educational services or has a public profile. A Kinfluencer stands out because they can show a proven track record of success.


Who is the internets best teacher?

If you browse the internet you will quickly notice that everyone pretends to be the best teacher there is. However there are very few who can provide meaningful and verified proof of success in the area they are teaching about.

This applies to many areas, but especially to trading where most providers of education aren´t really traders, but people who found a way to market scams.


How does Kinfo help?

Using Kinfo, traders share their performance through direct integration with the broker. There is no way for a trader to fake the results shown in Kinfo and the numbers are always up-to-date and real.

Kinfo acts as an independent resource to verify the performance of traders. This means you can be sure that verified Kinfluencers are 100% transparent with their results.

Kinfluencer features

Kinfluencers get access to additional sharing options to prevent replication of strategies and to prome services. These options are available under Settings -> Sharing options on the web version.

If you enable a feature you can test that it works by browsing to your profile using Incognito mode in your browser.

Please note that kinfo uses caching and it may take up to 30 minutes for changes to take effect.

Delay Trades

Turning this on will delay showing trades 60 days after they were closed. This will be indicated by a Delayed tag on your profile.

Hide Tickers

This feature will hide all tickers. 

Hiding tickers will also remove you from the leaderboard. Using this feature, you can still use kinfo as a third party verification source for PnL and keep your profile public.

This feature is not available in the settings and has to be requested.

If you would like to hide tickers and still show up on the Leaderboard, the intermediate solution is to lock tickers.

Lock Tickers

This feature will hide your tickers initially and let users unlock showing tickers. Unlocking the tickers will send users to a promotion url for services. The url can be hosted by the service providers or provided by kinfo.

Hide Positions

This feature will hide all open positions. Note that kinfo is not real-time and syncs at night but this will put an additional protection in place to hide positions held over night when sync runs

Hide Transactions

This feature will hide transactions for selected trades. If you have made a special trade that you want to hide all transactions from, you can enable this by opening the trade and select hide transactions.

You can hide transactions for up to 5 trades over a 30 day period.


Set Endpoint

This setting will stop showing trades and PnL after a certain date. 

Other features and benefits

As a kinfluencers you can be sure to be recommended by kinfo as trustworthy provider of services and education. This includes being recommended on social and content on the kinfo.com site.


How do I become a kinfluencer?

If you provide educational services or have a public profile with a large following, send an email to support [at] kinfo.com with links to your service and social profiles.

Why can´t I hide everything as a kinfluencer

What to show and hide is a balance between what kinfluencers want and what users expect. With everything hidden, the leaderboard looses it´s value and with everything shown, some kinfluencers wouldn´t join.
The currently implemented features have been set after discussion with a number of existing kinfluencers in combination with feedback received from users.

Does the kinfluencer features affect groups?

No, if you are in a private group that explicitly share performance, the kinfluencer features won´t apply.

I have a suggestion for a change

Reach out on Discord to initiate a dialog