100% Verified Trades & Performance

Kinfo integrates directly with brokers and provides an 100% authentic view of users trading performance exactly as reported by the account statements from the broker. The data is based on real amounts and there is no way of faking it.


100% verified trades

Viewing and sharing on kinfo is only possible through direct integration with brokers. There is no way to add manual transactions, remove transactions or in any way manipulate the data which comes from the broker.

This makes data on kinfo 100% authentic and there is no way for a user on kinfo to provide fake results on their trading performance.

Direct Integration with brokers

Kinfo integrations directly with a majority of brokers in the US. When linking an account the platform will download information about the account, positions and historical transactions as provided by the broker.

The integration is handled securely via Quovo and Tradeit. These providers enable apps such as kinfo to integrate with brokers in a secure manner using OAuth and without storing user credentials. When an account is linked the platform will automatically update account information and transactions when this data becomes available from the broker.

The integration with brokers only supports real accounts, it´s not possible to link paper trading or other types of non-real accounts.

Performance calculation

Kinfo provides and number of standard metrics for trading performance calculation. These metrics consist of number of winning trades, average gain and overall profit. These metrics are automatically calculated based on transaction data from the broker.

Since the calculation happens automatically, there is no way for a user to show anything other than their real trading performance as displayed by the account statements from the broker.

Why is this important?

If you browse the internet and search for trading related services such as courses to learn trading or trading chat rooms, you will find an overwhelmingly amount of sites where the provider market their service claiming a successful track record.

The truth is that most of these claims are fake and the provider may not be a successful trader at all, just knows the ins and outs of aggressive internet marketing. If you want honest reviews of sites providing trading education, pay a visit to tradingschools.org.


A Kinfluencer is a trader who provides trading related educational services. A Kinfluencer stands out because they can show a proven track record of success. In the app you will find a number of kinfluencers who share their trading performance as provided by the account statements from their broker.

Kinfo acts as an independent source of trust to help honest trading education providers show their proven track record of success.  By being an unbiased platform with the technology to calculate trading performance for any account, kinfo can verify the authenticity of traders who decide to share their trading performance.