The KINFO portfolio widget is a great way to share your portfolio metrics through your  website or blog. Widgets are automatically linked to your portfolio and are updated as your account is updated on kinfo.

Profit Widget

This widget shows a chart over your trading profit from realized gains. The same chart you see under the profit view in your portfolio.

How to implement the widget

To start using the widget, you only need a few rows of html to your site and adjust the parameters.
If you are using WordPress, you typically add a HTML block.
Add the following code to your site:
					<div id='kinfo-widget' style='width:500px;'></div>
<div>Performance verified by <a href="https://kinfo.com/verified-trades/">kinfo</a></div>
    <script src='https://kinfo.com/static/widgets/widgets.js' type='text/javascript'></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        new kinfoWidget({
            width: 500,
            height: 400,
            container: 'kinfo-widget',
            profileId: 14851,
            widget: 'profit',
            theme: 'dark'


width: The width of the widget

height: the height of the widget

container: The Id of the container element where the widget will be rendered, by default this is named kinfo-widget

profileId: Your profile Id on kinfo, this can be found in the URL when viewing your portfolio.

widget: profit is the only widget available at the moment

theme: Choose between dark/light

Attribution link

The attribution link must be kept exactly as in the code snippet with a “follow” link to https://kinfo.com



The widget itself is transparent and will inherit the background color of the parent element. You can add any background to the widget by setting the color on the widget element. Choose between light and dark theme to make the axis lines and labels in a light or dark color.



Performance verified by kinfo

Demo provided by StockWonk https://stockwonk.com