Press FAQ

When was the company founded?

The company was founded in 2017

Who are the founders?

The founder is Karl von Döbeln

Where was it founded?

In Stockholm, Sweden

Where does KINFO currently operate?

KINFO´s target market is the US market only

Does the company have any investors?

No, the company is self funded by the founder

What products does the company offer?

KINFO produces a a social investing app which lets users share and view portfolio information as percentages. In addition to the app KINFO has services for bloggers which lets bloggers promote their blog and drive traffic through the app. Later this year we will launch an affiliate program for blogger which lets blogger earn commission by using a portfolio widget on their blog.

Who is KINFO for?

Anyone from beginners to professional investors. While you can use parts of KINFO without having investments on your own, you will get the most out of the app by linking your brokerage account.

What makes KINFO unique?

KINFO is the only investing app with a focus on connecting bloggers with investors in a way that´s mutually beneficial. While there are other “social trading apps”, the biggest are neither broker independent or have a focus on long-term investing for retirement.

What problem does it solve?

Getting started with investing is difficult, it´s hard to get started and when you get started you need to find a strategy you are confident with. Most people don´t have friends they could naturally ask how to construct a portfolio. KINFO let´s users see portfolios from experienced investors with proven success, while KINFO doesn´t provide automatic copy trading, it allows users to see the exact allocation assets in a portfolio using percentages. KINFO will never suggest what to invest in, but it can greatly increase someone’s confidence in their own investment strategy.

Is the app free?


Does KINFO offer any paid services?

Not at the moment

On what platforms & devices available?

KINFO is available for iOS, Android and web.

What are the plans for monetization?

Different strategies are currently being evaluated including advertising and more advanced services for professional investors.

How many users do you have?

A few hundred

Do you have any partners you work with?

Yes, the most important being TradeIt who handles the integration to brokers. More information about how KINFO securely connects brokers through TradeIt can be found here.

Do you accept interviews for an article

Yes, feel free to reach out, contact details can be found on the sidebar.

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