43% of traders made money in December

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Profitable traders

profitable traders

December was a great month with whopping 43% of all traders being profitable. This is on-par with July which also saw 43% profitable traders and was the best month of the year so far.


Monthly activity has been declining since it´s peak in May 2023. December was just slightly lower than November and the lowerst for the last 12 months.



December saw some great numbers by number of profitable traders. November was also just under Juli as the best month in total PnL from all traders combined

Activity per day

activity per day

Activity has been varying over the month with Mondays and Wednesdays standing out as the most active days for the first 3 weeks. Following Christmas eve the activity was slightly lower and returning to normal by the end of the week.



CCCC jumped in and took the top position which previous month was held by TSLA. POL and MLGO are also newcomers to the top traded tickers.

PnL distribution


As seen previous months the a majority of traders lost between 0 and $1k. However almost 25% made a small profit up to $1k. Around 10% made between $1k and $10k. Over that, less than 3.3% made $10k to $100k and around 0.2% made more than $100k.

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