The kinfo Web App

About the web version

The web version of kinfo is adapted for desktop display. The web version and the mobile app has similar functionality but you will naturally get a better overview using the web version due to the larger display format.


Track Your Trading Performance

The web version gives you a great overview of your most important trading performance metrics.

  • Your profit
  • Your average gain in $ per trade
  • Your winning trades percent
  • Your average gain per trade in percent

Track Your All-time Profit

Explore the profit view to see your overall profit since inception. The profit isa calculated based on closed ou trades.

You can also compare your profit to the community average.

web journal

View performance by month in the journal

The trading journal keeps track of your trading performance on a monthly basis.

It gives your detailed trading performance metrics for each month so you can see how you progress.

Explore individual trades

The trades view will list all closed out trades and their resulting performance.

Expand any trade to see entry and exit points for the trade.