Reddit integration & verification

Reddit integration

The Reddit integration works by linking your Reddit user to your kinfo profile.

The integration uses Reddits official API and will only ask for temporary identification permissions to get the username of the reddit account your are authenticating.

You will authenticate with Reddit, meaning that your Reddit credentials are never seen by kinfo.


Linking Reddit

You can link Reddit on the web version or in the mobile app

On web

  • Navigate to Settings -> Profile
  • Click Link Reddit 

Mobile App

  • Open the menu by tipping your profile picture
  • Select Profile

Apply for a verified flair on /r/Daytrading

Once you have linked your Reddit account you can apply to get a verified flair on /r/Daytrading

After linking, a new button will appear below your Reddit username. When you click apply, a mail will be sent to the moderators of /r/Daytrading.

Please allow up to 5 days for the moderators to process your request

Posts with verified flair

Once you are approved your posts on /r/Daytrading will be tagged with a verified flair to confirm that you have averified profile on kinfo.

An automoderation bot will lookup your profile and post a sticky comment with a link to your verified profile on kinfo.


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