Linking TradeStation

kinfo tradestation

TradeStation is one of the most popular choices among active traders. Their coverage is outstanding and their trading platform is constantly embraced by professional traders. It is especially popular for trading the futures market and for automated trading.

Kinfo works great with TradeStation! The integration enables end-users on the TradeStation platform to track their trading performance in a meaningful way using both the mobile app and web version of kinfo.

Linking guide

Kinfo integrates directly with TradeStation using the official API. This is a secure method for allowing kinfo access to trade data without sharing your credentials.

When you start the linking process you will open up a separate browser window with a form provided by TradeStation. Once the authentication process is completed, kinfo will obtain a token to access your trade history.

This token is only used to read data and kinfo doesn´t provide any capabilities for users to execute trades.

For more general information, see Linking your broker.

About Security

Kinfo uses the official TradeStation Web API and has an agreement directly with Tradestation to enable linking TradeStation to kinfo.

The integration uses OAuth which is a secure method of providing third-party access without sharing credentials.

  • Kinfo NEVER see, store or have access to your real broker credentials
  • Kinfo can NEVER be used to execute trades
  • Kinfo can NEVER touch your money/assets or make any changes to your account

Linking your account

Once you click the TradeStation logo, a separate window will open. This window & form is provided by TradeStation.


You may be asked to verify your account using a MFA code or any other type of MFA you have chose for your TradeStation account.

Track your trading performance

If you completed the steps above your TradeStation account should be linked to kinfo and the platform will start tracking your trading performance.

The direct integration to TradeStation provides 3 months history.

Trades & performance are tracked based on closed out trades and when corresponding buy & sell transactions can be found. If you suspect any errors or have any questions, feels free to reach out on support@kinfo.com

Good luck with your trading!