Linking NinjaTrader

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NinjaTrader is a very popular choice among successful day traders.

They offer competitive volume pricing for active day traders and a large eco-system of applications to support traders.

You can link NinjaTrader to kinfo to enable automatic updates of trades and performance.

Kinfo works great with NinjaTrader! The integration enables end-users to track their trading performance in a meaningful way using both the mobile app and web version of kinfo.

Linking guide

To link NinjaTrader you must have an account with NinjaTrader If you don´t have an account, click on the logos below to register

Once you have your account set up, follow the steps below to link your account.

About Security

In order to use kinfo with NinjaTrader, you will use your login to xx 

The access provided by these credentials is limited to reading data about your trading history and open positions. 

With this method, you will never share your actual platform credentials with kinfo and the integration is only granted access to read transaction data in order to calculate trades and performance metrics.

Since the kinfo user is granted access, the following applies:

  • Kinfo NEVER see, store or have access to your NinjaTrader credentials
  • You can choose between doing a one-time import or link your account for automatic updates.
  • Kinfo can NEVER be used to execute trades
  • Kinfo can NEVER touch your money/assets or make any changes to your account

1. Linking NinjaTrader / Tradovate on kinfo

Select NinjaTrader / Tradovate from the listed platforms under connections.

You will get a popup from Tradovate to add your credentials

Note that you will authenticate with Tradovate for both Ninjatrader & Tradovate


2. Sim accounts and verified status

When you sync for the first time, both live and sim account data will be imported.

If you have sim account trades your profile status will be set to unverified.


If you wan to have the verified status you have to deselect include on any sim accounts under the settings for the broker.




4. Funded accounts and verified status

“Funded accounts” on Ninjatrader / Tradovate are typically sim accounts and will not be able to get verified status or be on the leaderboard.

3. Track your trading performance

If you completed the steps above your NinjaTrader account should be linked to kinfo and the platform will start tracking your trading performance.

When linking the platform will import x year of history and try to calculate retroactive performance based on transactions.

Going forward, trading performance will be updated daily.

Trades & performance are tracked based on closed out trades and when corresponding buy & sell transactions can be found. If you suspect any errors or have any questions, feels free to reach out on support@kinfo.com

Good luck with your trading!