Linking Interactive Brokers

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Interactive Brokers is one of the most popular choices among active traders. Their coverage is outstanding and their trading platform is constantly embraced by professional traders.

Kinfo works great with Interactive Brokers! The integration enables end-users on the Interactive Brokers platform to track their trading performance in a meaningful way using both the mobile app and web version of kinfo.

The kinfo – IB integration enables timestamp on trades for detailed intra-day trade analysis and 365 days of history.

Linking guide

Interactive Brokers has multiple ways of integrating with third-party platforms. Kinfo uses Interactive Brokers flex reporting interface to pull transaction data.

This guide will show you the necessary steps to enable flex reporting in the IB portal and link IB with kinfo.

The flex reporting interface uses a separate token to integrate with kinfo. This means that:

  • The token used for integration is separate from users credentials
  • Kinfo can never touch or see the users real broker credentials
  • The token used for integration is read-only
  • Kinfo can´t execute trades or move money in the users account

For more general information about how kinfo integrates with brokers, see Linking your broker.

The linking process requires some configuration in the IB portal to make sure the flex report contains the necessary data. In this guide we will go through the following steps:

  1. Enable flex reporting and obtain the Flex Token
  2. Configure flex token and obtain the Query Id
  3. Linking IB with kinfo using the Flex Token and Query Id

1. Enable flex reporting in IB Portal and obtain the Flex Token

Login to Interactive Brokers portal 

In the portal, navigate to Settings through the menu on the top right.


Click on Flex Web Service under Account Reporting.


A window will show with options to enable flex reporting

Click the checkbox Flex Web Service, select 1 year in the dropdown

Copy or note down the Current Token and click save.


2 Creating a flex report and obtain the Query Id

To complete the integration you will have to create a flex report in the IB portal, follow the detailed instructions below to complete the process

Select Flex Queries under Performance & Statements in the top menu in the IB portal 


Click on the + in the Active Flex Queries section to add a new flex report


Enter a name for your query, choose any name you want without spaces.

After typing a name, you need to configure the contents of the report by clicking the marker buttons.

ib6 1

Account Information

Select the following

  • Account ID
  • Account Alias
  • Account Name
  • Model
  • Currency
Click Save when done

Corporate Actions

Click Select All and click Save

ib ca

Financial instrument information

Click Select All and click Save


Incoming/Outgoing Trade transfers

Under Options, Trade Transfers is selected by default, the other options should be left unselected.

Click Select All and click Save


Open Positions

Under Options, Summary is selected by default, the other options should be left unselected.

Click Select All and click Save


Option Exercises, Assignments and Expirations

Click Select All and click Save



Under Options, Executions is selected by default, the other options should be left unselected.

Click Select All and click Save


When you have configured all the content sections, scroll down to the section Delivery Configuration.

Change the Period to Last 365 Days.


Now the report is configured, scroll down to the bottom and save the report. Click ok on the verification screen.

Back in the reports interface, you should now see a report with the name you entered in the beginning.

Click on the pen icon next to the report to edit it.


Note down the Query Id in the top section called Activity Flex Query Details.


You are now ready to link your IB account with kinfo, when linking, enter your Flex Token and Query Id and follow the instructions.


3 Track your trading performance

If you completed the steps above your Interactive Brokers account should be linked to kinfo and the platform will start tracking your trading performance.

Performance for Interactive Brokers is tracked from the time you linked and1 year retroactively.

Trades & performance are tracked based on closed out trades and when corresponding buy & sell transactions can be found. If you suspect any errors or have any questions, feels free to reach out on support@kinfo.com

Good luck with your trading!