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High conversion rate

Kinfo is a highly popular social trading platform with top ratings in app store and endorsed by it´s users. The paid tier provides true value adds which ensures a high conversion rate.

High affiliate commission

Kinfo offers affiliates 20% commission an all sales. The affiliate is paid for as long as the subscription is active for all attributed customers.

State-of-the-art tracking

Kinfo uses branch.io advanced tracking technology to ensure flawless tracking through any attribution channel. Attribution is kept through web signups and app installation processes.

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If you´re…


A trading education provider


Hosting a trading podcast


Running a trading chatroom


A trading youtuber or blogger


You can join if you have a public profile providing content or services related to day trading. This can be in the form of a blog, treading education, a podcast, youtube channel or a chat room.

You can also join if you are an influencer with a large enough following on social media.

After signing up you are provided with a link. The link will take users to

  • Signup on the web version if using a desktop browser
  • App  Store or Play Store if using a mobile device

When signing up the user will be tagged as a referral. When the user upgrades to a paid PRO plan you will receive a commission.

This tag is set forever so if the user upgrades to PRO later on you will receive a commission for that sale.

Attribution calculation is made on the first date of each month. You will receive payment via PayPal 30 days after attribution calculation.

Yes, to make your offer more attractive than list price, you can offer users a 15% discount. This discount will be automatically applied to all attributed users in the checkout on the web version.

The user discount can´t be applied if the user decides to upgrade to PRO via In-app purchasing through the mobile app. However, you will still earn a commission on those sales.

The link provided through the affiliate program works across all platforms and devices and will even track attribution through the app installation process in App Store & Play Store.

You can market kinfo any way you like using the provided link. It can be included in web content, posted on social as part of a post or in description texts for podcast episodes or youtube videos.

The points & rewards program gives any user the opportunity to earn a discount on their own PRO subscription by referring friends. 

The affiliate program allows the affiliate to earn cash on sales as a result of referrals. 

The affiliate program is an upgrade from the points & rewards program and can´t be combined, however affiliates typically get kinfo PRO for free.

Yes, unlike standard affiliate  platform which only works via web-based signup forms, the kinfo affiliate program works across all platforms. The link provided will take the user to the web based signup if using a desktop browser. If using a mobile device they will be taken directly to the corresponding app store.

Attribution is tracked through the whole app installation process.