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Verified Trading Performance

Kinfo tracks your trading performance, verified through integration to brokers

Track your trading performance

Kinfo calculates relevant trading metrics and will show you how you perform

Analyze individual trades in detail

See every detail about every trade for better insight

View successful traders portfolios

View trades, metrics and charts from traders with proven success

Receive alerts when someone trades

Follow your favourites and receive an alert when they make a trade

Track your all time returns from trading

Your goal is to make profit, right? This this your no1 metric to track

The journal tracks monthly progress

See how you perform monthly, analyze your success or failures

Tap on any trade to view its details

Learn about what works by analyzing your own trades

How it works

Kinfo works by integrating directly with your broker. Linking only takes a few seconds, it´s secure and it´s optional to share your trading performance.

1. Signup

Download the app or signup on the web. It only takes a minute, its´free and we don´t send spam

2. Link your broker

Linking your broker is secure, we don´t see your credentials and it´s optional to share your performance

3. Start tracking

View your trading performance such as winning trades, your gain per trade and your all-time profit

View successful traders portfolios 

See what they are trading and
what makes them succeed

Find traders to follow in the leaderboard

Traders are ranked by the their trading performance metrics


Follow your favorites and get notified

Don´t miss out to learn from the best! 

Kinfo works with top US brokers


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