Private investors

What is a private investor?

A private investor is an individual with a brokerage account connected to KINFO. The brokerage account can for example be an account used for trading or long term savings using a 401k or IRA plan. The account can in some cases be managed by a third party such as a financial adviser who has knowledge and experience in investments.

How can we track private investors?

KINFO partners with Tradeit which is a well know and trusted financial data aggregation provider. Tradeit securely integrates with all the big US brokerage firms including Robinhood, Fidelity, E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, Chars Schwab, Scottrade, Optionshouse, TradeStation &Tradier.
Through Tradeit KINFO gathers and analyzes portfolio data such as performance, positions and transactions.

Why track private investors?

Private investors can provide you with valuable insights into investment decisions by looking at the performance, positions and trades. With the vast amount of private investors there are many who are very successful using different tactics. There is also a great diversity related to risk and investment horizon. Even though far from all private investors can compete with institutional and professional investors, there are some who are extremely successful in making their investment grow over time.

How can you benefit from tracking private investors?

By viewing private investors who have a similar portfolio and investment horizon you can benefit from following those investors and get notified when they trade. Even though you shouldn´t blindly copy someone else this information can provide you with additional valuable insight to base your own decisions on.

How do you know which private investors to follow?

KINFO shows you which other private investors who share the same stocks & ETFs as you. By looking at other private investors profiles you can see whether they have a proven successful track record holding the same positions as you.

About privacy and security


In order to view other private investors, you need to connect your brokerage account. When sharing information, you will only share non-sensitive data such as performance in percent and never show any dollar amounts. Other members of the community will be able to see that you own a certain stock but never see how many or the value related to the investment.

KINFO is anonymous and will never show your real name to other members. You decide your own nickname to use and you have an option to upload a profile picture to give you a unique identity. The profile picture can be anything you like and doesn´t necessarily need to be a picture of yourself.
You can at any time-point make your profile private which will disable all sharing. For more information about privacy, please read our privacy statement.


Bank level 256-bit encryption

All communication is secured using 256-bit encryption, the same level of encryption banks relies on for their communication.

We don´t store credentials

After you first authenticate to your brokerage account KINFO relies on secure tokens for communication Trade it, KINFO will never store your credentials to your brokerage account.

Read-only communication

KINFO will only read data from your brokerage account and will never make any type of changes or execute trades.
For more information about security, please see the security section in our FAQ.