How does it work

Kinfo integrates securely with your broker. Most of the top US brokers are supported including TD Ameritrade, Tradestation, E*Trade, Schwab, Tradestation and Robinhood.

When you link your account kinfo will automatically calculate relevant trading metrics for you such as your profit based on closed out trades, your average gain and your winning trades percent.

You can compare your trading performance against the average of the whole community, the top 10 percent or even some selected top traders who share their full portfolio with profit in dollars.

Simple & Easy to Use

We dumped a lot of the noise surrounding investment and focused on what traders really want to know- WHAT ARE BETTER TRADERS DOING?

By simplifying, we focused on what is missing in typical trading apps- collective wisdom.  We also avoided adding news-feeds, technical indicators, etc. that you likely already have access to with other tools.