How Do I Get Started?

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Can I Add Multiple Trading Accounts?

Yes, you can add multiple trading accounts to your KINFO profile.

Which Brokers Do You Support?

Through Tradeit & Quovo, we support most US brokers, including Fidelity, Robinhood, E-Trade, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, Interactive Brokers, Vanguard, OptionsHouse, Ally, Tradier & TradeStation.

Can Other Users See the Value of My Portfolio?

No.  we do not share the size (in dollars) of your accounts.

We only share performance data.

How Does KINFO Calculate Performance?

When you add a brokerage account, KINFO will calculate your historical performance based on the best data supplied by your broker.

As you trade, your performance is calculated daily, based on your account balance.  We do not show your account balance but only use it to measure your performance.

If you think that your historic performance is incorrect, contact us.

How Do You Rate Accounts?

We use the Sharpe ratio to calculate performance.  The Sharpe ratio is also commonly known as your risk-adjusted return on investment.

Initially, you will not have a rating, since there is not enough historical data to calculate your Sharpe ratio.  Typically, we can apply the Sharpe ratio to your performance after 3 months.

What Quotes Do You Show?

We show quotes for stocks, ETFs and mutual funds for any security owned by any member of KINFO.  Quotes are updated hourly.

What History Do You Show?

As with quotes, we show the history of any security currently owned by a KINFO community member.

How Does Hedge Fund Data Get Updated?

Within 45 days of the end of a calendar quarter, hedge funds are required to file a 13F holdings report with the SEC.

KINFO uses advanced algorithms to filter for common errors in hedge fund reporting data from the SEC, but it’s unfortunately impossible to provide 100% accurate hedge fund performance data.

When Do I Get Notifications?

You decide when you get notifications in your notification settings, based on who and/or what you are following.

How Secure is KINFO?

By using a 3rd party data aggregator, Tradeit, we add an extra layer of security to KINFO.

When you integrate a brokerage account with KINFO, the bank provides KINFO with a token that allows very limited access to your account.  This token is separate from your brokerage credentials and is the industry standard for sharing financial data.

We use 256-bit encryption.

KINFO can only read data from your brokerage account, so we can never make changes or execute trades from your account.

How Private is KINFO?

You decide how much of your profile information to share with the community.  By default, your wall, performance and your followers are public, but you can change these settings in your account at any time.

Can I Be Anonymous?

Yes, you can choose to use an alias within the community.

What Data is Stored or Shared by KINFO?

We store data about your balances, positions and transactions.  You can learn more by reading our privacy statement 

We do not share your data as an individual.  However, we may share aggregated data from the community.  Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.