Understanding how shorting stocks works

Understanding how shorting stocks works

Short selling is a way for investors to benefit from declining stock prices, to hedge positions, manage taxes, etc. While short selling is used by many, not all recognize the extreme risks associated with it.

How are stocks taxed?

How are stocks taxed?

Understanding the way stocks are taxed is very important, as it affects the value of your investment and is one of the major factors to be taken into account in making buy/sell decisions.   Profit from the Sale of Stocks While your broker or financial adviser will probably explain to you the tax implications for …

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Avoid These Mistakes in ETF Investing

While ETFs investing is very popular with many investors for its ease of use, transparency, diversification benefits, low cost and tax efficiency, it has a number of risks that have to be taken into account by investors.


Dividends vs Buybacks

While the company’s decision to choose between paying dividends and making a share repurchase/buyback depends on a number of factors, we will discuss the fundamental differences between these two from the investor’s perspective.   Basic Definitions Dividends are the distributions to shareholders from the company’s earnings, usually paid at regular intervals, e.g. monthly, quarterly, or …

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How Long Does it Take to Save a Million Dollars?

Well, that depends of course. It depends on your starting capital, how the market is performing, how much you save and for how long time you are saving up. Thanks to compounding, reaching this goal may be easier than you think.
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Choosing an Appropriate Mutual Fund

Investors sometimes face difficulties finding the best mutual funds from the universe of more than eight thousand funds. In this article we will discuss the key factors to take into account when selecting an appropriate mutual fund.