Affiliate Getting Started Guide

  1. Complete application
  2. Adding widgets to your blog
  3. Using the mart-link
  4. Writing a review
  5. Promoting KINFO on social media
  6. View analytics

1. Completing application

The first step is to complete the application to the affiliate program. If you haven´t applied yet you can to it here

2. Add widgets to your blog

Follow the instructions on this page

3. Using the smart-link

Your smart link can be found under your affiliate settings. The smart link will ensure that clicks are attributed to you independent on which device the user has. The smart link will take the user through the most appropriate on-boarding flow, it will take the user to an app installation flow on mobile devices and the web version on desktop.

4. Writing a review

When writing a review and linking to KINFO, make sure you link to your portfolio using widgets or to website using your smart-link.

Your smart-link can be found after logging in to the web version and navigating to affiliate from your profile.

We have put together a set of creatives and marketing material you can use in your review, it´s available on this page.

If you wish to use screenshots from your own portfolio we recommend the app screen shot maker Pro.

If you need any additional content, feel free to reach out at

5. Promoting KINFO on Social Media

If you post your smart-link on social media any visits from people clicking on the link will result in attribution tagging. Feel free to also tag our social media accounts and we´ll do our best to spread the word as well. Links to social media accounts can be found in the footer on this page.

6.View analytics

You can access analytics in the web version of KINFO, navigate to the affiliate section from your profile.

7. Receive payment

You can view your current balance in the affiliate section on the web version of KINFO. Payments are processed monthly as long as your current balance exceeds $100.