The idea

KINFO reflects how people communicate about investing, enabling you to communicate on a much wider scale.

Traders share non-sensitive data, such as performance and allocation, without showing the dollar amounts of any position.  You share yours, others share theirs- Everyone gets smarter.

People learn more by watching others do something than they do reading about how to do it.  Sports is a good example.  You learn far more by watching a sport than by reading a book about how it is played.

Traditional news can only let you read about others, but can’t show them doing what they do.  For investors, watching successful traders do what they do is invaluable- for inspiration, for education and for greater confidence.

The Benefits of Social Investing

Sharing trading tactics and ideas is not new.  What is new is the ability to share non-sensitive trading information in a social setting.

With KINFO, you get the benefits of new information coupled with the collective wisdom of the community.


Making You a Better Investor

Our goal is that in providing a platform where traders can learn from the best and from each other, everyone can be more successful.

By connecting with other traders who share your strategic overview, you can sharpen your skills, sharpen your knowledge and sharpen your trades.


Simple & Easy to Use

We dumped a lot of the noise surrounding investment and focused on what traders really want to know- WHAT ARE BETTER TRADERS DOING?

By simplifying, we focused on what is missing in typical trading apps- collective wisdom.  We also avoided adding news-feeds, technical indicators, etc. that you likely already have access to with other tools.

Who is KINFO For

KINFO was built for active investors in publically traded equities.

If your portfolio includes stocks, ETFs and/or mutual funds, KINFO will add powerful ammunition to your trading arsenal.

We do not currently support futures FOREX or commodities.